Covid-19 containment measures

This period eas really difficult but it has given us time to reflect and think about all the solutions to always keep the quality standards of our structure high. We took this opportunity and adapted all our procedures to the indications provided by the WHO.

All our collaborators who make your experience unique at the Splendor Suite Rome, follow training courses aimed at ensuring timely and precise management of the health emergency with particular attention to hygiene practices and behavioral rules.

We are in perfect harmony with the new hygiene parameters dictated by the WHO, all the rooms of the Splendor Suite Rome are disinfected with a nebulizer and active chlorine and sanitized with the use of new clinical sanitization systems and only professional alcohol-based products or sodium chloride.

This method recognized by the Ministry of Health allows us to eliminate all types of bacteria, viruses or parasites in an ecological and natural way and to sanitize mattresses, armchairs, and every element that makes up the furnishings of our facility.

Interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter

Within the structure and in the common areas, an interpersonal distance of more than one meter is guaranteed, through the use of path markers on the floor

Personal protective equipment

Protective devices are provided at the entrance and during the stay, such as a sterile disposable mask and gloves.

Protection screen in common areas

The common areas are delimited by plexiglass screens which reduce the circulation of droplets.

Periodic sanitization with specific products

Daily sanitisations are carried out by qualified personnel through the use of professional products with medical supervision and certificates.

Hand sanitization stations

Frequent hand sanitization is facilitated by means of special gels in the rooms and dispencers located in strategic points of the structure, such as the entrance and the relaxation area.

Self check-in and self check-out procedures

Automated registration and payment procedures are encouraged and strongly recommended in order to minimize direct contact with customers in the reception area.

Body temperature measurement

At the entrance of the hotel our operators will detect body temperature, not allowing access to those who report temperatures above 37.5 ° and / or manifest fever symptoms

Sterilized and wrapped keys.

The keys are sterilized and delivered to guests in disposable envelopes.

During the covid-19 emergency period the hotel received the following aid from the government